What is Log the Crux all about?

Have you ever wondered what you average climb was? Or wanted to know for a fact what your best lead climb was? I have. Everyone has personal records and goals they want to achieve. Runners have RunKeeper and MapMyFitness. Cyclists have Strava. But up until now, climbers haven't had a solid way to track their climbs. That's why I made Log the Crux.

You tell us what you climbed, and we'll crunch the numbers. Want to know what your average lead climb was in November? We can show you. Curious about what grades you climb the most? We've got you covered.

Who is behind Log the Crux?

Craine climbing Aligator Soup, Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Craine Runton

Founder, Chief Climber, Programmer, Designer, Tester, etc.

Craine has been climbing for many years, both indoors and out. He got his start on a rock wall in a junior high gym class, and loves to climb as often as possible. He also loves to photograph his outdoor climbing trips, particularly action shots of his two climbing partners.