Log your climbs

Keep track of every climb you do by recording its grade, which end of the rope you were on, and if you fell while working it.

View your session history

See all of your recorded sessions, including where you climbed, the climbs you've done, and notes you've taken.

Track your personal records

See when you've reached a new personal record in your climbing.

View statistics on your climbing performance

See how all of your climbs stack up together, and

Earn acheivement badges
Planned feature

As you climb and log your sessions, earn achievement badges for your profile to show others what you've accomplished.

Upload photos of your sessions
Planned feature Pro only

Save the photos that you take during your sessions to keep your memories together in one place.

Compare your sessions side by side
Planned feature Pro only

See exactly how two sessions stack up against each other.

Get ranked on leaderboards
Planned feature

See how your climbs stack up against the other users of Log the Crux on leaderboards for a variety of things, like most active climber, highest average route rating, and best fall to flash ratio.