Log the Crux's Privacy Policy


In order to use this website, a user must first complete the registration form. During registration a user is required to give certain information (such as name and email address). This information is used to identify you in order to use the services of Our site. By registering, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to this Privacy Policy, and to the Terms and Conditions governing use of this website and it services.

What types of information for you collect?

Other than the information that you provide when you sign up for an account with Log the Crux, we also collect data on usage by monitoring Our server access and error logs, database access and error logs, and other sources. We also collect all of the session and climb data that you save to Your account, in order to provide you the services of Log the Crux. We may make use of that data in an aggregated and anonymous form to examine larger trends, and publish anonymized data sets.

The specific types of data that we collect are listed in the table below, and what they are used for:

Data Type Usage
First Name Personalization of the service
Last Name Personalization of the service
Username Personalization of the service
Email Address Contacting you about your account, providing updates to you about the service in general, providing you with updates on your activities
Your Location (City and State) Personalization of the service
Session Location Name Personalization for the service

Can users see their personal data?

You can sign into Your account to see any personally identifiable information we have stored, such as Your name, email address, or phone number. You can also contact us by email to request to see this information.

How long do you keep user data?

We keep all of Your user data on Our servers/systems for as long as you have an active account with Log the Crux. Should you choose to close Your account with Log the Crux, We will permanently remove any personally identifiable information (such as Your name, email address, etc.) and other preferences associated with Your account promptly. We may retain other data (such as session and climbs) in an anonymized form indefinitely.

Do you share personal information?

We generally do not share personally identifiable information (such as name, email address,etc.) with other companies.

Do ad companies collect data?

We rely on generous users to support the continued development of Log the Crux, and do not use any advertizing platforms, or share any data with advertizing providers.

Can users ask questions or opt-out?

If you have any questions or concerns about Our privacy policies, please contact us at: support@logthecrux.com
If you have given us contact information but do not want us to contact you with promotional or marketing information, you can change Your email preferences in the settings menu.

Do you use any analytics providers?

We do not currently use any outside analytics vendors, though We reserve the right to use them in the future.

How do you secure personal data?

We take reasonable administrative, physical, and electronic measures designed to safeguard and protect Your information from unauthorized access or disclosure. This includes utilizing Transportation Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt comminications between Your web browser and Our servers, storing Your information on servers with firewalls designed to block access from outside Our network, and monitoring access to all Log the Crux computing resources. However, no security or encryption method can be guaranteed to protect information from criminals or human error. Information we collect may be stored or processed on computers located in any country where we do business.

What situations could require disclosure of my information?

To operate the service, we may also make identifiable and anonymous information available to third parties in these limited circumstances: (1) with Your express consent, (2) when we have a good faith belief it is required by law, (3) when we have a good faith belief it is necessary to protect Our rights or property, or (4) to any successor or purchaser in a merger, acquisition, liquidation, dissolution or sale of assets. Your consent will not be required for disclosure in these cases, but we will attempt to notify you, to the extent permitted by law to do so.

What else should users know?

This privacy policy was last updated on June 20th, 2018. Our privacy policy may change from time to time. If the change materially affects Our registered users, we will send a notice to Them by email, or notification through the Log the Crux website or application.