Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions About the Site

What is this site for?

Have you ever thought to yourself "I feel like I'm climbing better than I used to, but I'm just not sure..."? That's what we are here to help you figure out. Think of us as your digital logbook for your rock climbing life. You log your sessions here, and we'll show you what you climb, what your records are, and how your climbing is changing over time, laid out in stunning graphs.

Why did you make this site?

Log the Crux was created because one guy wanted a better way to log his rock climbing sessions and look at that data in new and interesting ways. His rock climbing buddies thought that was a good idea too, so the concept behind Log the Crux was born.

Is there an iOS or Android app I can use?

Currently we do not have any native mobile apps available in any app stores. But don't despair, our site works great with mobile users in mind! We are looking at launching an iOS app at some point in the future if there is enough demand.

I think I found a bug in your site. What should I do?

If you found a bug in our site, please report it to our bug tracker. When you do, please let us know what platform you are running (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, etc.) what browser you are using (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.), the page you were on, and what you were doing at the time. If you can attach a screenshot to the ticket showing just what you mean, that would be incredibly helpful!

Logging Climbs and Sessions

My gym uses different rating system. How do I convert?

We use the Yosemite Decimal System (YDS) for ratings on this site. If you do not use YDS to rate your climbs, you can have a look at the Free Climbing comparison table here to do your conversions. If your gym uses the +/- system, then typically users log 5.10- as a 10a, 5.10 as a 10b, and 5.10+ as a 10c. But feel free to log however you want.

How should I name my session locations?

Just type whatever name you want to. Gym name, the name of the area you are climbing at, the specific wall, it doesn't matter. When you go to add your next session, the Session Location box will load all of the previous locations you've saved, so you'll have quick accees to them.

I'd like to log my bouldering sessions. Can I do that here?

As with other grading systems, we don't have a way to track your bouldering sessions yet, or the ability to show you stats on them. We are working on integrating that into an upcoming release, and will make an announcement on the blog, Twitter, and everywhere else, when we get it out there.

Pro Memberships and Billing

What is a Pro membership?

Pro memberships allow you to see extended graphs and stats on based on your climbing history, in order to help you become a better climber. Regular users can only see graphs and stats going back 30 days. If you have problems with the site or your account, you'll get a quicker response if you're a Pro member. Finally, it helps pay for the infrastructure to keep this site going, so it'll give you a warm fuzzy that you're new favorite climbing site will stick around.

Okay, so how much does it cost?

We offer annual and monthly subscriptions to give you flexibility in how you want to pay. Annual memberships are $40, while the monthly membership is $10. All memberships are subscription based, and you will be automatically rebilled every month or year unless you turn off recurring billing from the payment settings page.

Who do you use for billing?

We use Stripe to handle all processing of credit cards. Payments are processed through their secure API, and your credit card details are sent directly to them, never touching our servers.

I have a question about how I was charged!

No problem. Please send us an email to We ask that you do this before contacting your bank, as most questions are easily resolved before your bank is involved, and quite expensive and difficult to resolve after.

Are memberships refundable?

No. we currently do not offer refunds on billed memberships. You will of course retain your membership level throughout the remainder of your already billed period, even if you decide to cancel recurring billing. If you want to see that date, anything else related to billing, or make any changes, visit your payment settings page.

Data Privacy and Security

How secure is your site?

We take security very seriously here, so we use HTTPS for all our pages, all the time. This ensures that all of your data is encrypted whenever it is sent from you (like your username and password) or us (like when you load your profile and it displays your email address). Encryption prevents eavesdroppers and hackers from seeing and stealing your personal information. Passwords are securely hashed before they are stored in our database, so we can never know what you use for a password, and neither could anyone else.

Do you make information about your users public?

We will only share personally identifying data about you publicly if you have explicitly choosen to allow us to do so. When you create an account, all the privacy options default to no sharing and no publicly available data. If you ever want to review your current privacy options, you can go to your Privacy & Sharing Settings and see what you currently have set, and make changes if you want to.

We do make certain aggregated and anonymized data publicly available, such as the total number of users from each state, and the total number of sessions and climbs logged. None of that can be traced back to you though.

Do you sell your customers' information?

Absolutely not. Because we value your privacy over our bottom line, we will never sell any of your information (including your name, location, or email address) to anyone, for any reason.

What is your privacy policy?

Our full privacy policy can be found here. The gist of it is that we don't disclose your information to anyone without your permission, and don\'t sell your data to anyone. We do have links to other sites, and we are not responsible for what you do at those other sites.

Where are your Terms of Service?

You can read our full Terms of Service here.